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November 11, 2018

February lookbook- 6 ways to wear your scarf creatively

Welcome to this small white corner of my room. We usually dry our clothes here, but today I put them away because I knew you would come over. So sit down, make yourself comfortable because tam-tam-tam it’s clothes-time!

I’ve always liked to play dress-up as a little girl and as you can see in this post this hasn’t really changed. Before you would say “it’s easy for you to play with so many clothes” I have to tell you that having a huge wardrobe doesn’t really make my life easier. I’m just a clothes maniac, that’s all, and I can’t really say no to a versatile piece. Since almost all my clothes are thrifted I don’t feel guilty of spending too much money, but it surely accumulates. Sometimes I completely forget to wear some pieces that I actually love. I have that struggle too, when I open the door of my wardrobe and it seems like nothing matches, no matter how many things I have they just simply don’t look good together. So in a chill morning-just like this one - I take my time and plan ahead. I’m actually surprised myself how many ideas I have when I’m not in a rush.

Today I decided to play with two of my favourite little scarves. I think they look great, but I just never know how to wear them and they are just hanging on my wall untouched. By putting in some effort I created six outfits with different ways of wearing them. I hope I can inspire you with these.
6 ways to wear your scarf-5
This is a long pleated leather skirt. You can’t see in the picture, but it’s midi and with this thick fabric it’s a great piece during autumn and winter. Underneath I can wear two tights and boots, so if anyone is wondering, this is how I don’t freeze my ass off during winter. My small scarf is also pleated so I think it adds a great texture. The ruffles and the hat make this outfit truly girly, just as I like it.


Be very careful and never let your pleated skirts wrinkle. Believe me, ironing them is a nightmare. I did it on the wrong side of the fabric and I had to fold every tuck separately.

I layered two cardigans because I just like this one with polkadots so much that I have to wear it every time. It honestly matches everything. This white beret is the treasure of my wardrobe, invest in one and I promise, you will never regret it. It’s a great cover for a bad hair day and it keeps you warm. (One of my teachers made me take it off at uni because ‘this is a laboratory not a catwalk’ but according to the common courtesy you can wear it indoors if you’d like to. )

Oh, and I almost forgot about the scarf. It acts as a belt here and this role fits it well.

I wore the same cardigan, but as a dress. This is the greatest in the cold weather: you can layer your clothes in so many ways. Yellow, black and white, so the same color palette as the one before, but paired with a skirt.

I turned my scarf into a headband and since this was my last pairing I wore it all day long. I makes me feel like a stroke of sunshine on a gloomy day. Sadly, lately every day is so gloomy… Where did the light disappear?

I love this black dress so much, but I never know how to pair it. Now I’ve found a great way. I chose this chequered scarf and incorporated each color in my outfit. This one has the black and the beige. Since the dress has a heavier material I think it looks better with a sweater, but this won't discourage me, I can't wait to create some spring outfits with it.

In this outfit I included the red, the black and the white from the scarf. February can be so sassy, one day is spring, the other morning everything is covered by snow. So this pairing is for warmer days and indoors.

My all time favourite, the print mixing. I couldn’t leave it out. I wore three types of plaid: the shirt, the black and white skirt from before and the silk scarf. I used the same clothes to prove you and myself that we don’t actually need a lot of items to create versatile outfits. I’ve started working on decreasing the number to make my life easier and… I’m not making any progress. So here comes the first new year’s resolution: sort out my least loved items (because this is the biggest problem for me: I love all of them).

It’s quite grey and gloomy outside. This part of the year, the end of the winter is like this, so I hope I was able to bring a small spark of inspiration in your day.

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