The process

Arc-mask half


Welcome, my Dear. I've put on some tea for you. I'm not completely ready for the road yet, so please, have a seat, while I'll look for my hat. And my keys. And a few other things...You see, my head is kind of in the clouds. Nobody told you that I'm punctual, did they? Oh, I totally forgot: How should I call you? You can put that disc in the gramophone if you'd like. I love the peaceful mood that it creates. Also, I'm obsessed with that old song. Of course, if you don't like my taste you can still go away, I won't be mad. It's easier if we are honest with each other from the start, I hope I won't frighten you away. However, I heard I can't intimidate you that easily. Please, look around, while I'm getting ready. I'm curious if you're interested in me .