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November 20, 2017
My first experience in Vienna
April 2, 2018
Vörösbor 66
The best piece of clothing is the one you can wear for a lot of different outfits (at least ten), and all of them should have a different mood or function. This garment should be like a good captain: no matter what challenge comes, it can stand its ground. This burgundy queen (which rules over the chaos in my wardrobe) proved her versatility so I brought you some pictures from her regime. I created four different outfits for different occasions but when I started selecting the clothes for the pairings I had a harder time than what I expected initially. It matched almost everything! It was too difficult to choose. I’m not telling this to brag about 'How great I am with styling' and 'How great my clothes are'. I’m telling you this to encourage you to choose wisely because a deliberate decision during shopping unburdens you later. So these are the good qualities of my vest, which you should consider when you want to invest in something new:

-a dominant color -a color which is often reflected in your wardrobe (for example I have many printed clothes with burgundy and red-ish details so this vest ties them together very well) -something you can layer under and over something as well

-a nicely tailored piece which gives you shape -timeless, not trendy. I can imagine this vest in a magazine from the 50s and the 90s too for example in an office. Maybe it’s not the most modern thing but it will never be old fashioned, I can assure you.
As I learned from Chriselle Lim a few years ago…wait, a few? Who am I kidding? It was probably at least ten years ago. Fashion bloggers barely existed at that time, but I was following all of them I guess. This is when people did youtube with their webcam. Ugh, I’m old. Anyway. So as I learned from Chriselle, the secret of print mixing is to use a color that is included in all of the prints and if it’s possible, choose a piece that ties them together. Thus the role of the vest is to blend the two polka dot prints.

Red velvet carpet, the smell of expensive perfume, elegant smiles, calm movements, no rush. I’m thinking about that time when going to the theater represented status and was a significant part of social life. It was a place where you could wear heels since you came with a carriage and where you could “show off” because there is a break between the acts, so you could go out, buy a drink and chit-chat. So, yes, this is the modern lady’s recreation of the past’s rich divas. Refined lace, long voluminous lines, sophisticated but wild dark red and black combination… Well, the hat may not be the perfect accessory for this occasion because the ones sitting behind me wouldn’t be able to see the stage, but I felt like that made the outfit a whole.
It seems like everyone on this planet thinks that these pants look like pajamas, but they still are my favorite. I don’t know why does the world love skinny jeans so much, but until they do at least I can thrift clothes like this almost for free. This outfit is entirely beige so the vest can be the protagonist of the look. I don’t know if you can tell, but I tried to match it with my lipstick.
We started to live sustainably even before it was a thing. My mom thrifted this black coat when I was about six years old and I wore it as a long-sleeved one. Many years later when she wanted to throw it out I realized that the shoulders actually fit me, so it’s an S sized adult coat with three quarter length sleeves. I liked this outfit because the dress and the vest have exactly the same color and they look like they are a set. A very vibrant set. No wonder the wolf spotted Red Riding Hood, there’s no way one can hide when wearing red head to toe.

I was so cold when we took these pictures that I wasn’t able to wear all my planned outfits with my vest, so for now, these four should make it. But if you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you will see me wearing it quite often.

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  1. Athelienne says:

    So beautiful! Love especially the bohemian look, boho is one of my favoruite styles. But The Red Riding Hood is great too (as all fairy tales, always ;)) This waistcoat is lovely!

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