I create my clothes out of vintage fabric or upcycled old clothes.

The fashion industry creates so much waste that I have plenty of resources to do so. I get my fabrics from thrift stores, recycling centers or clothes swapping events. Sometimes I find leftover fabrics, other times I redesign old clothes, bedsheets, curtains and I make something completely new out of it. My hands are tied because of the size of the fabric I find, so vainly do I think that this beige textile would make a perfect maxi dress if I only have a small piece of it, barely enough for a crop-top. This is the biggest challenge, but also the beauty of it. I have to make the most out of what I have. This is also true for the big picture, for the whole world:

We only have a certain amount of resources and we should respect that.

I know I won’t save the environment and I won’t stop global warming by sewing a new top out of an old shirt with a hole on it, but at least I can try my best. I can take tiny steps, tell you my stories and struggles, and show you my small achievements.

I invite you to come into my sewing room, look around, and find inspiration. I promise you, if you once start upcycling your old clothes, you can never look at thrown out things the same way. There’s potential in every piece. All I can see now are treasures.
December 1, 2017

Red wine waistcoat- Outfit ideas

These are the good qualities of my vest, which you should consider when you want to invest in something new: -a dominant color -a color which is often reflected in […]
November 20, 2017

Sewing the red wine waistcoat

It was a ridiculously cheap second-hand blazer which I instantly imagined incorporating in some interesting outfits (see them here). Sewing is in some ways art, some ways math, geometry and […]