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December 1, 2017
Village inspiration
November 11, 2018

1. They could and would do everything for beauty

The amazing, detailed buildings showed us, that these people in the past invested a huge amount of energy to raise their creation above practicality. They wanted to delight others, to show their wealth and taste. Their crown, the Schönbrunn castle was my indulgence, and probably theirs too, who lived in there. Gigantic rooms with only sofas, armchairs (lots of them, I can’t believe they ever had that many guests) and paintings. To be clear the walls sometimes are enormous paintings themselves. All their surroundings, hair, dresses stood for beauty and elegance. That was an era when only the rich could have that privilege and everybody envied them.

Now everything is so affordable: being refined and dressy, developing our own styles and tastes in clothing as well as in interior design. And yet so few people choose to input energy into this.

2. Cleanness has a value

I think we only take care of things that we appreciate. So this is the case with our country: litter everywhere, you probably can’t decide what was the original color of… basically any building, because everything is grey and dusty now. Ruinous walls, chippings, remains, sprawling plants... In Vienna I could enjoy the city center as much as the underground, trains and hidden small streets. Well maintained buildings are candy to the eye, and of course I love sweets. Their streets are clean and they take care of them. Just as it’s supposed to be everywhere normally.

3. I can see better with a camera in my hand

After school trips my parents decried me that I don’t take any pictures. I never was in the mood to take out my small phone and play a photographer. Hoestly, I wasn’t really moved by the churches we always visited. Now, somehow my vision changed as I know I can take some captions with me back home. Do you know that feeling, that when you’re getting older you start absorbing moments differently? I can hear the ticking of time, I want to extend being right here, I want to make the ’now’ longer and pictures make a small piece of this magic possible. I look with another eye on spectacles of the places, I’m trying to get to know them, to see them from another angle. I want pictures to show how exactly it felt to be there. Okay, I’ll admit, after deciding how things should be captured I give the camera to my boyfriend, because obviously, I should be in that picture too.
So here I am, saying goodbye to Empress Sissi (though a bit disappointed that no one organized a ball on my honour here in Schönbrunn) and waving to my prince charming, who is right now freezing down there, under this balcony. Feeling that the wind is so powerful (and damn cold) we will be heading back to our hot air balloon, to go back home but I will talk to you soon here, on the

Polkadot Planet

Take care!

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