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April 2, 2018
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February 12, 2019

As fashion weeks arrive and I watch them, I begin to crave those street style photo shoots, the rush, the stylish environment. I’m thirsty for motion, for that feeling to be somewhere important. But as I said, we always tend to wish for something else than what was given to us and we tend to forget to appreciate the real moments. Now I am trying to concentrate on appreciating.

So today I’m taking you with me to this rural trip. This is to contrast the hustle that has been going on in the world of fashion recently. If you’re in the mood for something peaceful and calm then hop into my hot air balloon and let’s begin the journey. Don’t put on your most expensive shoes though, because after landing an old cart will take us further.

Colorful hills around us. Scarcely breathing silence. There's almost nobody on the streets. Aromatic garden. Fighting all day with the bugs, but not leaving the blanket in the grass. Except for the steaming soup on the kitchen table when grandma calls.

This is what’s going on in my life, this is what I had this summer and surprisingly I acknowledged and enjoyed it much more than as a child. Now I perceive the evanescence of time more. This past summer I’ve spent a lot of time at my grandmas’ and my boyfriends grandma’s place. You may know that I’m always late, I’m always trying to catch up with flying moments and places. Being with the elderly finally made me feel balanced, like I'm not rushing anywhere. This surrounding erased my fear that time may get ahead of me and everyone will leave me behind. There isn't a more important place where I should be. Finally I wasn't longing for music festivals, fashion weeks, I just wanted to freeze time and stay right where I was.

You may think that no one wears off the shoulder top (which by the way was the first thing I saw with a sawing machine and you can also see it here) when they are chilling at their grandma's. Maybe you are right. But I'll definitely wear my skirt which is full of roses. Here is the reason:

In recent times I changed my mindset about getting dressed. As I grew up I had separate pieces which I only wore on feast-days and prinking myself was reserved for special occasions. Now I feel like I’m not getting dressed up for others but for myself. I don’t need to go out to town to wear my pretty floral skirt or my large floppy hat. Special occasions are created by us, so if I decide that taking a walk in my grandma’s garden is extraordinary, then extraordinary it is. I remember people often asking me where am I going dressed up so elegantly. They tell me that there is no need to dress up so nicely just for this or that... but now I know that wearing a nice outfit is not a need but a hobby for me, something that brightens up my day.
These outfits were inspired by the village, but they are just as wearable in the city or anywhere else.

As the sunlight entered between the boards on the barn it created a beautiful scenery. I was impressed by the golden hay, the dance of the dust particles, the nice curves of the old sewing machine. The vintage pieces carry history. Look at them, listen to their voices! They have a personality.


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