December 1, 2017

Red wine waistcoat

November 12, 2017

Afternoon walk

Some children are born, but hidden from the world for a long time. Either them, or their parents are not prepared for the public appearance. Or could it be that the world is the one, which is not ready? As a young wine, my writing, my thoughts were not mellow enough to see the sunlight. So this is why I’ve been waiting since last february for my confidence to grow, so I can stand steadily and be sure about myself and this blog. So I want to share it authentically as I started. February just came round the next corner, and as he started to leave it dragged the winter with himself. But spring is still a few blocks away, and both of them are calling my name. I don’t know where to look, I don’t know whom to follow. My head is spinning around, my thoughts are rolling immoderately. Sometimes it’s not easy to choose. There is the safe and peaceful option and the exciting one. There are all those paths, and I can’t follow anyone. These gates have opened for me. <img class=”scale-with-grid” src=”” alt=”” /> The cracked walls, rusty fences could be distressing, but today I saw them with another eye. Nature had surrounded me with his ashy shade, but the old greyish brown leaves which survived under the snow, the broken branches are the slowly sauntering elderly generation, and the vibrant spring will defeat them soon.<p></p> This is just the springboard from where we will build something gorgeous. This filthy junkyard is under construction. Just as I am. Just as the nature, sometimes we feel the need to hibernate and reborn. Our city, our country is trying to get a makeup, and so do I. Greyish, slightly ruined streets, lifeless surroundings and everybody is used to it. I often feel that I fit in, I match with the dim setting and I can’t blame it for being so boring if I’m of the same stamp. <p></p>Therefore I’m trying to be a child with my playful braids. I’m trying to be a madam with my hat, I venture upon bringing sparkle with my pendant, the sheer shirt, but staying urban-friendly with denim. But I have to bundle myself up. I have to be a thick-skinned furry bear which fights with every kind of coldness, coming from people or the climate. My development should move from the gray scale to the full colors . But until I get the final result I will just enjoy my afternoon walk with the discreet stroke of sunlight.