February 12, 2019

February lookbook- 6 ways to wear your scarf creatively

Welcome to this small white corner of my room. We usually dry our clothes here, but today I put them away because I knew you would come over. So sit down, make yourself comfortable because tam-tam-tam it’s clothes-time! So in a chill morning-just like this one – I take my time and plan ahead. I’m actually surprised myself how many ideas I have when I’m not in a rush. Today I decided to play with two of my favourite little scarves. I think they look great, but I just never know how to wear them and they are just hanging on my wall untouched. By putting in some effort I created six outfits with different ways of wearing them. I hope I can inspire you with these.
November 11, 2018

Village inspiration

As the sunlight entered between the boards on the barn it created a beautiful scenery. They impressed me: the golden hay, the dance of the dust particles, the nice curves of the old sewing machine. The vintage pieces carry history. Look at them, listen to their voices! They have a personality.
April 2, 2018

My first experience in Vienna

Dear fellow traveler! Last time when I opened the wings of my balloon to travel to a new place I was looking for some art that speaks to me. I was waiting for some kind of stroke, to prove my assumptions: It’s worth it. It’s not just my laziness that dissuades me from the world of science and chemistry, we’re just not made for each other. It’s worth waiting and working for that other kind of life form, which honestly I can’t see very clearly. I just know that it’s on the land of aesthetics, formed by colors and shapes and it’s some place where beauty has true meaning.
December 1, 2017

Red wine waistcoat- Outfit ideas

These are the good qualities of my vest, which you should consider when you want to invest in something new: -a dominant color -a color which is often reflected in your wardrobe (for example I have many printed clothes with burgundy and red-ish details so this vest ties them together very well) -something you can layer under and over something as well -a nicely tailored piece which gives you shape -timeless, not trendy. I can imagine this vest in a magazine from the 50s and the 90s too for example in an office. Maybe it’s not the most modern thing but it will never be old fashioned, I can assure you.
November 12, 2017

Afternoon walk

February just came round the next corner, and as he started to leave it dragged the winter with himself. But spring is still a few blocks away, and both of them are calling my name. I don’t know where to look, I don’t know whom to follow. My head is spinning around, my thoughts are rolling immoderately. Sometimes it’s not easy to choose. There is the safe and peaceful option and the exciting one. There are all those paths, and I can’t follow anyone. These gates have opened specifically for me.