What's it all about?

There are two reasons I invited you to be here with me.

The first one: I like you. I usually spot those persons who I'm interested in from a big distance and then I approach them to see if I was right. (So that's what I'm doing with you right now, trying to see if we match).

The second one: I always need to talk to someone. Don't get me wrong, I like being alone. I like traveling alone. I can stay and stare at thing as long as I want to (yeah, sometimes I'm kind of slow, you'll see) and I can leisurely skip anything important or cultural which I think is boring (I can also get bored easily). But at the same time I sometimes find myself talking alone during a stroll or basically during anything. Now that must be kind of strange for people who see me. Of course, I feel totally fine having discussions with myself, there is an imaginary audience in my head: along the walls of my brain there are rows of chairs and that’s where my dear, faithful students are sitting. They take notes about everything I say, and believe me, they even have questions. I, as an honorable teacher, give them plenty of courses about my feelings, my duties and advices. These listeners are so good that I sometimes realize that the words come alive from my mouth. You see, I need you to help me resolve this problem.

The third one: When I go out with my friends, a recurrent topic is my outfit. The two things I get the most: "How can you wear skirts all the time?" (it's their exaggeration) and "You look interesting. It would never come to my mind to wear those pieces like that or to wear them at all. I think it's too risky because I would never know where does the combination stand on the scale between >>cool vintage<< and >>grandma style<< . But it looks good on you. " My answer is: the good thing in the science of fashion is everyone has personal rules to follow and there are no laws. But to make it interesting, well that's a longer process; it's a journey between your personality, body and the world around you. This was the short version. The long version... hm... that is composed of many trips, inspirations and ideas. When we go out for a coffee there is never enough time to explain this properly. So this blog is the platform of the long answer.

Did I say two? Oh pardon me. I'm usually talking more than I'm supposed to. Just remind me sometimes to keep it short.